Since the Scots have started to research the history of their golf game it became clear to them that golf was ‘invented’ between 1424 and 1457. In 1457, for the first time the word golf was used in the well-known act of Scottish parliament, in which the game was banned together with football.
However, some years ago the linguist Dr. Heiner Gillmeister from the English, American and Celtic Studies Department of Bonn University, Germany, disassociated himself from this Scottish conclusion. After linguistic research he concluded that golf mentioned in 1457 was not golf at all but a medieval, fairly aggressive kind of hockey in which two teams tried to gain possession of a ball. According to Heiner Gillmeister golf was much later introduced into Scotland from the Low Countries. The full text of the article was printed in the magazine ‘Sportimonium’ in 2003.
The article is written in the Netherlandish language with summaries in English and French.