Geert and Sara Nijs are independent amateur sports historians who have specialised in the early history of the ancient games of Flemish/Netherlandish colf/kolf, the Franco-Belgian crosse/choule and the Italian-French mail/pall mall and their relation to the ancient game of golf. They are fluent in several languages which made many new sources of so far ‘hidden’ historic information in archives, libraries and museums more accessible.
They are members of the British Golf Collectors Society (BGCS), the American Golf Collectors Society (GCS), the European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors (EAGHC) and the Association Patrimoniale du Golf Français (APGF).

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With more than a thousand pages, the trilogy of ‘Games for Kings & Commoners’ and the separate publication about the game of crosse/choule, all interlarded with hundreds of pictures, maps and documents in full colour and black & white, cover the reflection of more than ten years of research on numerous relative subjects. The set-up of the four different publications is as such that each book can be read and studied separately.

Their publications:
CHOULE – The Non-Royal but most Ancient Game of Crosse (2008)
Games for Kings & Commoners (2011)
Jeu de Crosse – Crossage A travers les âges (2012)
Games for Kings & Commoners Part Two (2014)
Games for Kings & Commoners Part Three (2015)

On their website one can find a summary of these books and information how to order.